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Oddity, A Former Earthbound Fan-Sequel, Has A Gorgeous New Reveal Trailer

It's still a while away from being released.


A fan-made version of Mother 4 that was announced for a 2015 release before quietly disappearing has resurfaced with a new name and look. Oddity, which wears its Earthbound influences very openly, has been shown off in a new "reveal teaser" trailer below.

The game, which looks to be an RPG with turn-based combat and Game Boy Advance inspired visuals reminiscent of Mother 3 (the Japan-only sequel to Earthbound), does not have a release date or platforms announced as of yet. The development team has branded itself as "O197X." The trailer below introduces the characters, showing off much of the world you'll be exploring and the game's quirky sense of style.

The game casts players as Travis Fields, who has to team up with some friends to save the world using his Ness-style baseball bat. Players will battle against a secret society called the Modern Men. Few details beyond this are clear right now; the original plan was for the game to be a free release for PC, but this might have changed.

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Mother 3 is yet to see a release outside of Japan, despite rumors that it would come to the Wii U Virtual Console as Earthbound Beginnings did. For now, games like Oddity and Knuckle Sandwich are the closest we'll get to a new Earthbound game.

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