Oculus VR With a New Computer Should Cost Around $1500 "All-In"

If you don't have a PC that can run the Rift, expect to fork out more than a grand to get started.


Oculus hasn't yet revealed a launch price for its Oculus Rift consumer headset, but CEO Brendan Iribe recently dropped a few hints. Speaking at the annual Code Conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes (via Recode), Iribe said, "We are looking at an all-in price, if you have to go out and actually need to buy a new computer and you’re going to buy the Rift … at most you should be in that $1,500 range."

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Iribe added that he'd like to see the cost fall below $1,000 over time. His comments align with those made by Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell, who said last year that the company was aiming to make the Rift "as cheap as possible."

At the moment Oculus Rift developer kits cost $350, but these do not represent the most up-to-date version of the hardware, which adds motion tracking and a built-in headset. These features could raise the price.

The Oculus Rift consumer model release date was announced a few weeks ago, with the hardware scheduled to ship to consumers in the first quarter of 2016. Previous comments from Oculus VR placed the Oculus Rift in the $200-400 price range.

Oculus VR will be revealing more about its Oculus Rift headset during an upcoming press event scheduled for June 11 in San Francisco. GameSpot will be present at the event, so be sure to stay tuned for more details.

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