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Oculus VR hires Google Glass engineer

Oculus Rift maker continues to hire top talent in the industry.

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Oculus VR has hired Google Glass engineer Adrian Wong.

Wong, who’s been with Google since 2010, was working at Google[x], which is dedicated to more experimental, ambitious projects like Google’s driverless car and Project Loon, which aims at bringing internet access to rural areas with high altitude Balloons.

Wong worked on both the Explorer and Consumer editions of Google’s wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display. As Senior Hardware Engineer, he was responsible for end-to-end rapid prototyping, display subsystem design and architecture, supply chain management, technology scouting, and research and development in custom display architectures and sensors. It’s not hard to imagine how this experience will be of use to Oculus as it tries to grow it business with Facebook’s support.

TechCrunch first noticed that Wong’s Linkedin profile lists his new title at Oculus as “Engineer,” but we don’t know exactly what he’ll be doing there. The only description of the job at the moment is “building the Metaverse.”

Oculus has been hiring a lot of top talent for the past few months. Since id Software’s master of Doom John Carmack joined the company, it has also hired Valve’s VR developer Michael Abrash as its "Chief Scientist," and creator of Valve’s “VR Room” Atman Binstock as its Chief Architect.

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