Oculus VR Hires Bastion, Transistor Programmer

Supergiant Games senior programmer Chris Jurney leaves the Bastion and Transistor studio to work on virtual reality.

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Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned company behind the upcoming virtual reality headset Oculus Rift, continues to snap up talent from prominent developers. The latest new hire at the company is Supergiant Games senior programmer Chris Jurney, who announced on Twitter (via Polygon) that he will join Oculus VR at the end of the month to "help make VR awesome."

During his two years at Supergiant Games, Jurney worked on critically acclaimed downloadable games Bastion and Transistor. Before joining that company, he worked at Brutal Legend developer Double Fine, as well as Relic Entertainment and the now-shuttered Kaos Studios.

"I think we're on the cusp of truly great fully immersive virtual experiences, and I want to help make that a reality," Jurney told Polygon. "I'll be on a small team doing prototypes, which is my favorite type of work. I'm really looking forward to getting my hands dirty in virtual space."

Oculus VR has a number of game industry veterans in its ranks, including John Carmack (id Software), David DeMartini (Electronic Arts), and Jason Holtman (Valve). Just last week, Oculus VR announced that it had hired Naughty Dog co-founder Jason Rubin as its head of worldwide studios.

There's still no word yet on when the Oculus Rift headset will be available to consumers or what it will cost.

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