Oculus Rift used for virtual gender swap

Have you ever wanted to see the world see through someone else's eyes?


A new experiment from engineers at BeAnotherLab aims to provide users a way in which to see the world through someone else's eyes. The group's newly publicized "The Machine To Be Another" allows you to do just that, thanks to virtual reality technology Oculus Rift.

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As you can see in this NSFW video, The Machine To Be Another works by putting two people wearing Oculus Rift headsets back-to-back and having them synchronize their movements. Each user can then see the other's perspective. In addition, one person can wear a microphone to generate the perception of someone speaking inside their mind.

The technology is obviously not a perfect simulation just yet, but you can see what they are going for. What's more, this video demonstrates just one part of the Machine To Be Another project.

BeAnotherLabs said it believes future work could allow for new ways to teach empathy. By seeing the world through another person's eyes, you might get a fuller understanding of who they are and the struggles they face, the developers argue. The group is also collaborating with experimental psychologists and neurologists to find ways in which the technology can be used as a low-budget rehabilitation system.

Oculus Rift creator Oculus VR believes their virtual reality technology has the potential to not only change gaming, but also "redefine fundamental human experiences." Creator Palmer Luckey also said this month that virtual reality has huge implications in the field of education.

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