Oculus Rift's Killer App Won't Come for Several Years, Dev Says

President of Worldwide Studios at Oculus VR thinks a true blockbuster Rift title won't come for quite some time.

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Will it take several years to find the first blockbuster virtual reality game? That's what Jason Rubin, the president of worldwide studios at Oculus VR, believes.

On Twitter, Rubin said that he believes that the Oculus Rift VR headset's first game with an Angry Birds-level of success is still a long way off. "I believe VR's Angry Birds is going to take a few years to find. But there's plenty of fun (and success) to be had along the way."

In recent months, Oculus VR has continued to expand its reach and work on becoming a competitive platform for games. Recently, the company announced plans to acquire design firm Carbon in order to work on several upcoming projects. Oculus has also revealed that it is seeking manufacturing partners because it can't produce enough headsets to fulfill its goals for VR.

Game developers rarely devote massive resources to a platform until it has sold reasonably well. What hardware creators often must do, then, is sell their products on the potential of future games down the line. Oculus says that it is remaining committed to games after its acquisition by Facebook, so more titles will be announced in the future. But does the Oculus Rift have enough promise right now with games like EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale for you to consider being an early adopter? Let us know in the comments!

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