Oculus Rift getting "erotic adventure game" Wicked Paradise

"We have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game," says project founder.


Hotly anticipated VR headset Oculus Rift will be getting an erotic adventure game. The title, Wicked Paradise, is being developed by a team of "seasoned" developers who have reportedly worked on Rage, Call of Duty, Lost Planet, Madden, and PlanetSide 2.

Image Credit: Road to VR
Image Credit: Road to VR

"We are all very excited about the future of digital entertainment and are using our years of experience creating the highest-quality video games to create an erotic virtual reality adventure game that will blow your socks off," reads the game's official site, which also states that Wicked Paradise is due for release in 2014.

"Imagine playing Leisure Suit Larry but instead of watching a screen, you are inside the game," reads the Wicked Paradise site. "Imagine the world and its inhabitants look highly realistic. Imagine walking into a bar in Wicked Paradise, noticing a beautiful lady, talking to her, and seducing her. Imagine playing your cards right and having passionate wild sex with her."

In an interview with Road to VR, the game's founder, Jeroen Van den Bosch, said, "I was always fascinated by the fact that we have hundreds of beautifully crafted shooter games but not a single well designed erotic video game. Sure there have been some attempts in the past, but they all have been ridiculously bad. There is nothing sexy about unrealistic models that move like rusty robots with faulty servos. If you want to genuinely create an erotic atmosphere in a videogame you need to convincingly cross the uncanny valley."

Elsewhere in the interview, den Bosch points to the kind of titillation seen in BioWare's Mass Effect as inspiration for Wicked Paradise. "Also, story and setting is everything. The non-explicit sex scenes in Mass Effect are much more erotic than current available explicit adult video games. This is because you care about the characters in Mass Effect. A player will never feel very attracted to a virtual character if he or she doesn’t care. I believe that virtual reality is the perfect medium for an erotic video game because you can make the player feel really connected to your computer characters."

"When the Oculus Rift Kickstarter happened, I realized the opportunity has come to put my plan in motion, so I did. I moved to Irvine, founded a company, secured financing, and started developing the world’s first erotic virtual reality experience."

Yesterday Oculus VR announced it had received $16M in venture capital funding to "accelerate" the headset's release as a consumer product.

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