Oculus Rift Founder Hints at Custom Controller

"Game pads are pretty terrible in terms of living up to what we all want in virtual reality".

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Oculus VR, the company responsible for the resurgence in virtual reality, has hinted it is working on a bespoke games controller to better complement its Rift headset.

Palmer Luckey, the 21 year-old founder of Oculus VR, believes that traditional games controllers are not ideal input devices for virtual reality.

"I don’t think [game controllers] are necessarily the right input for rich interactions in VR," Luckey told Polygon.

He went on to strongly imply that his team at Oculus is working on a custom controller built with virtual reality in mind.

When asked about the possibilities of building a VR controller, Luckey replied: "When are we going to create it, or when are we going to announce it?"

The young entrepreneur did not go as far as confirm the controller project, however. It is also unclear whether a VR controller could pass Oculus' internal design standards for it to be released to the public.

"Saying that something is in development is a hefty commitment, I’ll say that we are doing a lot of research and development into input, and we know that game pads are pretty terrible in terms of living up to what we all want in virtual reality, which is the ability to see our hands, and to interact with the world in a natural way," he said.

Sony, which is also investing in virtual reality with its Project Morpheus headset, has already demonstrated prototypes that use the Move peripheral instead of a DualShock controller. The video below demonstrates:

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