Oculus Rift company trademarks RiftCon

The convention aims to encourage development of virtual reality games.

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Oculus VR, the company developing the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, has filed a trademark for “RiftCon,” a convention focused on virtual reality gaming.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office website shows that the application was filed on Feb. 14. The page also describes the goods and services RiftCon will provide:

“Organizing exhibitions for cultural, educational, or entertainment purposes; organizing exhibitions in the fields of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics and video game entertainment industries for cultural or educational purposes; entertainment services, namely, arranging and conducting of competitions to encourage use and development of interactive entertainment, virtual reality, consumer electronics, and video game entertainment software and hardware.”

Oculus VR has been showing off the Oculus Rift at conventions like CES and E3, and usually manages to impress anyone who puts it on. It recently announced its own publishing initiative and the Oculus Best Practices Guide (a collection of suggestions and basic guidelines for developing VR content), so it makes sense for the company to also have a convention to foster more development and community around the device.

Earlier this month, EVE Online publisher CCP announced that it’s partnering with Oculus VR to co-publish its Oculus Rift exclusive set in the EVE universe: Valkyrie.

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