Oculus Responds to Rift's Facebook Privacy Concerns

Oculus is not currently sharing your information with Facebook or advertisers.


Concerns have been raised about the Oculus Rift's Terms and Conditions, which if you agree to will give Oculus the right to collect data from how you're using the VR headset and utilize it in things like marketing. The virtual reality company has responded to these concerns and says it doesn't intend on selling the data to Facebook or advertisers--at least for now.

UploadVR reported on the Terms and Conditions last week and later received comment from Oculus. The VR company says that even though it is owned by Facebook, it isn't sharing the information.

"Facebook owns Oculus and helps run some Oculus services, such as elements of our infrastructure, but we're not sharing information with Facebook at this time," Oculus explained. "We don't have advertising yet and Facebook is not using Oculus data for advertising."

However, the company isn't saying it'll never share the information. It noted that "these are things [it] may consider in the future."

Oculus added that it's using the collected data right now to "create the absolute best VR experiences for people." Things like "checking device stability and addressing technical issues" are helping them improve the platform.

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You can read the full statement over on UploadVR.

The Oculus Rift has had a bit of a rough launch. It experienced shipping delays, which prompted the company to remove shipping fees on all preordered headsets.

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