Oculus Quest Adds Subscription Options For Fitness, Meditation, And Music Apps

Several apps now feature subscription elements, but you can still access all previous content in apps you bought.


Oculus Quest is getting subscription options in several of its popular apps, giving active users more content across fitness, workplace, music, and meditation programs. The system is not one-size-fits-all, offering additional content in certain apps while being required to use others. However, anything you already purchased from an existing app will still be available, no matter what.

"With app subscriptions, some of your favorite developers will be able to seamlessly deliver new, exciting content, tools, and features to subscribers," Facebook said in a blog post. "App subscriptions will give you access to exclusive content from some of your favorite titles."

FitXR, previously known as BoxVR
FitXR, previously known as BoxVR

Thus far, the following apps are supported:

  • FitXR (formerly BoxVR)
  • Rec room
  • Tribe XR
  • vSpatial
  • VZfit

FitXR has existed in a few different forms for years, and the subscription service option will give you access to a different class every day. You'll also get multiplayer workout access, and there is a free week trial to see if you like it. Those who own the game have this trial extended to 90 days. Interestingly, the app itself is a free download now and the paid version is gone, so those who didn't buy it already have to get a subscription.

Rec Room Plus, meanwhile, is a premium service that gives you access to $10 in tokens per month along with new items and an exclusive section of the game's store. All content already in the game will remain free. The membership costs $8 per month, so those who were already buying items could actually be spending less via a subscription.

It extends to workplace management, as well, such as the vSpatial app. With a subscription, you can have 15-person meetings, virtual cameras and microphones, and WAN remote connection, while other content remains free.

It seems like this could be a contentious decision, depending on how developers implement it. Several comments on FitXR's page express concern with the plan, particularly how it now handles DLC.

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