Oculus Quest 2 Update Boosts Headset's Refresh Rate To 90 Hz

The first major system update for the Oculus Quest 2 boosts its refresh rate to 90 Hz in all apps and games.


A major update has given the Oculus Quest 2 a higher refresh rate. Previously, the Oculus Quest 2 ran everything at 72Hz, and only experimental updates could boost it beyond that in certain apps. Now, the Quest 2 will run everything at 90Hz, from games to apps.

Those who use Oculus Link to connect their Quest 2 to their PC will also enjoy the boost, and players can select between 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz rates. This update also gives the headset a new interface to manage graphics settings, such as render resolution, as well as offering preset settings to maximize an individual game's frame rate.

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Alongside the update, Oculus announced Oculus Move, which is a system-level fitness tracker for both the Quest and Quest 2 that will estimate the number of calories burned across all games. It will roll out gradually over the next two or three weeks. Additionally, later this month, Oculus will introduce the ability to gift apps to friends, as well as casting your headset feed to a friend.

GameSpot previously named Oculus Quest 2 the best VR headset to purchase in 2020. While it's universally considered a great improvement on the Quest 1, the headset's Facebook integration has caused much controversy. A valid Facebook account is required to use the headset, and if that account gets banned, you lose access to all of your purchases.

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