Oculus Quest 2 64GB Is Only $199 At Walmart

The 64GB model was discontinued earlier this year.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought some great deals on the Oculus Quest 2, including bundles with free gift cards and a carrying case. But possibly the best Oculus Quest 2 deal we've seen just popped up at Walmart. You can snag a refurbished 64GB Oculus Quest 2 for only $199 at Walmart. We'd imagine Walmart will sell out of this particular model before the holiday season wraps up.

We say it's an interesting offer, because the 64GB model of the Quest 2 was discontinued by Meta (Facebook) earlier this year. The Quest 2 was temporarily unavailable for purchase earlier this year due to complaints from some users about the headset causing skin irritation. The Quest 2 was later "relaunched" in both 128GB and 256GB models.

Walmart has confirmed to GameSpot that the foam insert that caused skin irritation for some users has been replaced by a silicone cover. Also, as a refurbished product, it's likely to be in like-new condition, but the headset might not be brand new.

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