Oculus Has Sold Over 100,000 Units of Its Rift VR Headset Targeted for Devs

The development kits for the Oculus Rift continue to sell well.

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Oculus VR, developer of the Rift virtual reality headset for the PC, has announced that it has sold over 45,000 units of the Rift Development Kit 2. This means that, even in its pre-release state, the Rift has sold over 100,000 units already between the first and second dev kits.

On a post on its forums, Oculus detailed the milestone and explained the way that the units will ship in the coming months. The company will be able move about 10,000 headsets from its factory in July, with more coming in August and September.

The Rift DK2, as it's called, has been available for pre-order since March and brings a number of improvements from the original kit. Among the most substantial is the inclusion of an external camera, which allows for tracking a head as it moves forward, backward, and side to side. DK2 also has new 960x1080p (per eye) OLED screens which reduce blur and motion sickness, and increase pixel density.

These dev kits are intended for game developers, and as a result everything in the headset is subject to change. Pre-orders are, however, open to everyone and cost $350. There is no word yet on when a full release of a consumer version of the headset will be made available. Recently, Oculus announced its acquisition of design firm Carbon to work on unknown projects.

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