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Oculus and Samsung Team up for Virtual Reality Device -- Report

Samsung’s VR headset will rely on the company’s high resolution OLED phone screens.

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Oculus VR and Samsung are collaborating on a virtual reality device that uses Samsung’s high resolution OLED phone screens as its display, “sources close to both companies” told Engadget.

According to the report, the partnership between the two companies will give Samsung early access to Oculus’ mobile software development kit, while Oculus will get early access to Samsung’s next generation OLED screen with a resolution higher than 1080p.

Bizarrely, Samsung’s Galaxy S4-based virtual reality headset prototype supposedly doesn’t have a dedicated display. Instead, you just slide your phone into the headset with built-in movements sensors, and use the phone’s screen as a display. Sources who have access to development kits said that it was a good experience, and that the phone has the added benefit of its built-in camera, allowing you to switch from virtual reality to augmented reality.

The news aligns with recent reports that Samsung is working on a virtual reality device that will be announced this year.

It's also been a year since Oculus talked about its ambition to bring virtual reality support to mobile devices. Facebook purchased Oculus VR, maker of Oculus Rift, earlier this year for $2 billion.

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