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Octopath Traveler Successor Project Triangle Strategy Has Final Fantasy Tactics DNA

Project Triangle Strategy takes Octopath Traveler's breathtaking art style and turns it into a turn-based tactical RPG.


The second game in Square Enix's "HD-2D" series is coming to Nintendo Switch, sporting a similar art style to Octopath Traveler. Currently called Project Triangle Strategy, the game uses a new combat system and a more complex decision-making system that should let you shape your own unique story.

A tactical role-playing game rather than a standard turn-based role-playing game like Octopath Traveler, Project Triangle Strategy takes place in the continent of Norzelia, which is in a state of conflict called the "Saltiron War" for control of the two key resources. The basic premise is relatively simple, but if you've played Octopath Traveler, you know it can involve a ton of different characters, each with their own motivations and approaches.

The Kingdom of Glenbrook sees multiple factions vying for control, split between views utility, liberty, and morality. You'll be able to choose your own path within the storyline, as well, picking from multiple possible actions at key moments. You'll also be able to use information you've gathered to sway characters' opinions.

Combat will play out similarly to Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem, and elevation will affect your strategy--if you're up higher, your range will be increased. You'll be able to use follow-up attacks, as well, flanking enemies to get in free hits, and you can make use of elemental combos. This should make it feel distinct from Octopath Traveler despite the very similar aesthetic.

Project Triangle Strategy will release in 2022, and the game's demo is available now, which is similar to what Square Enix did with Octopath Traveler. There will be a survey available at a later date to help shape the game with feedback.

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