Octopath Traveler 2 Scent Of Commerce Guide

Octopath Traveler 2’s Scent of Commerce side quests are mostly for fun, but one of them is the only way to get a boat.


Octopath Traveler 2’s Scent of Commerce side quests show up on the world map like important story objectives, and while two of them aren’t really that important at all, you can get some nice bonuses for just a little effort. The third is one of the most important quests in the game, however, and you need to finish it to have full access to the map and all its secrets.

This guide explains how to complete each Scent of Commerce quest in Octopath Traveler 2.

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What is Partitio’s Scent of Commerce?

Scent of Commerce is a set of three side quests that unlocks after you finish Partitio’s first chapter. Despite showing up on the world map with a Partitio icon, these are entirely optional and aren’t required to finish his story or reach the true ending chapter.

That said, we strongly completing the Scent of Commerce quest in Toto’haha, since you get your own boat and can travel freely, find optional dungeons, and even unlock a secret job.

The other two are nice bonuses and fit with Partitio’s mission as a merchant, but if you aren’t bothered with lore and a music player, feel free to skip them.

Winterbloom Scent of Commerce

The Winterbloom chapter is the least expensive to complete, as it only involves using Path Actions to recruit NPCs. Visit Winterbloom--located in the center of the Winterlands, east of Cape Cold--and head to the large house in the east of town with Partitio in your party. He hears a cry for help and rushes inside.

It turns out the cry is recorded on a gramophone record, and the man inside is trying to figure out what to do with the contraption, as no one seems to want it. Partitio recommends recording music and takes it on himself to find musicians.

The people you’re looking for are:

  • Piano Playing Cleric: Flamechurch, inside the church during the day and outside the door at night
  • Violinist: Western edge of Canalbrine near the caravan at night, inside the tavern during the day
  • Guitarist: Western entrance of Crackridge during the day

You can use Partitio’s Hire action to recruit them, but using Temenos’ Guide or Agnea’s Allure is a better, cheaper alternative.

After you have all three musicians assembled, you can listen to a handful of tunes on the gramophone at any time. You can also buy new tracks from the item shops in every starting town.

Temenos' colleague from Flamechurch is one of the musicians Partitio needs to hire.
Temenos' colleague from Flamechurch is one of the musicians Partitio needs to hire.

Sai Scent of Commerce

The Scent of Commerce chapter in Sai takes less time to complete, though it’s a bit costly. It kicks off once you arrive in town with Partitio in your party. He notices the insignia of a famous merchant named Masoud and wants to meet him. Masoud isn’t as keen and tells Partitio he needs to bring back a merchant’s greatest treasure.

Change the time to night, go outside, and hire Masoud’s daughter (1,000 leaves). Speak with Masoud again, and leave the house. Partitio eventually figures out the answer to Masoud’s test. Go back inside, and spend 5,000 leaves to hire Masoud.

The result of all this is the Mercantile Manuscript Archive Key, which you can use to unlock the building behind Masoud’s house. Inside is the Mercantile Manuscript, which is essentially a glossary and lore book combined. It contains information about armor, locations, items, and more--inessential to the story, but a nice bit of background if you’re after it.

Tropu’hopu Scent of Commerce--How to get a boat

If you only do one Scent of Commerce or even one side quest in Octopath Traveler 2, let it be this one. The premise is simple: Travel to Tropu’hopu, east of the Beastling Village, and enter the harbor with Partitio. Speak with the woman on the dock. She’s trying to sell a boat, and no one seems to want it–except Partitio.

The problem is, she’s set the price at 100,000 leaves. That’s a steep sum, especially earlier in the game when you need to outfit your party. Make sure you’re stealing and entreating valuable items, such as coin pouches and jewelry. Hold off selling old weapons unless you have something to replace them with. Your active character might not need it, but if you swap jobs for another character, they’ll need something to fight with.

Once you have the money, visit the harbor again, and buy the ship. Now, you’re free to sail the seas as you wish. Check out the whirlpool to your east for starters. There’s a dungeon, an optional boss, and a secret job there.

Check out our beginner’s tips and recommendations for who to start with first if you’re still early in your Octopath 2 journey.

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