Octopath Traveler 2 - How To Unlock All Secondary Jobs And Secret Jobs

Unlocking secondary jobs and secret jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 gives you dozens of possible class combinations in battle, but there’s quite a bit of effort involved


Unlocking secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2 gives you dozens of possible class combinations in battle, but there’s quite a bit of effort involved. Not only do you have to track down the job guild location, but you also have to complete some--often rather difficult--tasks to unlock licenses that let characters equip that secondary job.

This guide explains where to find all secondary jobs, and secret jobs, in Octopath Traveler 2 and how to complete the licenses requirements.

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How to unlock secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler 2 handles initially unlocking secondary jobs in a manner similar to the original, only instead of finding sacred shrines associated with each job’s deity, you need to track down that job’s guild. The similarities end there, though.

Finding a job guild grants you one license for that job. You can earn two more for every job, but only after completing a set of challenges associated with that class. Getting Hunter licenses, for example, involves tracking down rare, powerful monsters, while the Thief guild makes you steal valuable items.

Unlike in the first Octopath Traveler, more than one character can equip the same secondary job. Most of the guild tasks involve visiting optional dungeons or late-game areas, so while you can eventually have an entire party of scholars or apothecaries, it’s not something you can do early in the game.

Equipping a secondary job gives that character access to all of that job’s skills, including their divine skill and support skills. Job skills are tied to that job, but you can equip any combination of support skills that you’ve unlocked.

Secondary jobs don’t give access to new path actions, though.

All Octopath Traveler 2 secondary job locations

Most job guilds are located in areas you travel to during a character’s second chapter, with danger levels that range between 18 and 36. If you have at least one strong character or a good healer, though, you can slip into more dangerous locations to find a guild without getting into too much trouble.

Scholars guild location

The Scholar’s guild is in Western Winterbloom Snows, which you journey to in Throné’s second chapter. It’s a house on a hill north of the bridge. Make sure to check under the bridge for the Scholar’s Altar, where you can unlock an exclusive skill for Osvald.

How to get Scholar licenses

This is one of the rare instances where you can get extra licenses pretty quickly.

  • Collect 5 Ancient Sentinel Cores - Ancient Sentinels roam the factory you visit in Partitio’s second chapter
  • Collect 5 Almighty Soulstone - Steal these off the elementals that you can encounter in Western Winterbloom Snows at night or around the Abandoned Village east of New Delsta

Dancers Guild location

The Dancers Guild is in Wellgrove, in a building on the eastern side of town.

How to get more Dancers licenses

Getting more Dancer licenses might seem confusing if you forgot some of Octopath 2’s terms. You need to have one character learn the Dancer’s divine skill and then have a second character learn it. Divine Skills are a job’s special skills that only unlock after a character learns every other skill available to that job. It takes a long time and over 9,000 Job Points.

Earning new licenses requires completing some very specific tasks.
Earning new licenses requires completing some very specific tasks.

Merchants Guild location

The Merchant’s Guild is in Western Crackridge Wilds, more specifically in the western part of the region to the left of the cliff.

How to get Merchant licenses

The method for getting these is straightforward, but expensive. You need to pay 100,000 Leaves for the first one and a whopping 300,000 for the second. Make sure to steal, mug, or entreat high-value items for an easy way to get more cash.

Hunters Guild location

The Hunter’s Guild is in Western Tropu’hopu Traverse, east of the Beastling Village. Head north at the staircase leading to a treasure chest, and you’ll find the outdoor guild tucked away to your left, behind some trees.

How to get Hunter licenses

  • Obtain Quicksand Monster’s Liver - Defeat the boss at the end of the Quicksand Gaol in Hineouma (danger level 30)
  • Obtain Sea Monster’s Whiske - Defeat the Scourge of the Seas boss in the whirlpool

Apothecaries Guild location

The Apothecary’s Guild is in Conning Creek, in the southern part of the Harborlands. You can get there pretty quickly from road out of Canalbrine, though the danger level is a bit high.

How to get Apothecary licenses

You need to collect specific items to earn more Apothecary licenses.

  • Collect 5 Herb-of-Grace Buds - The Giant Gator in Toto’haha Anchorage drops these
  • Collect 5 Primeval Horn Elixir - Devil Deer in Wellgrove and House Wellows Manor drop these, but they’re quite strong

Thieves Guild location

The Thieves Guild is in the industrial district of Clockbank at the end of an alley. You’ll end up there during Partitio’s second chapter, but you can only enter the guild at night.

How to get Thief licenses

The third Thief liencese will likely have to wait until near the end of the game. Despite doing this for the Thieves Guild, you can actually buy the items with Partitio or get them for free with Agnea’s Entreat action.

  • Steal the Thieves’ Gem - A resident of Clockbank has this
  • Steal the Master Thief’s Sapphire Stone - The Master Thief lives in Timberain, which you won’t visit untl near the end of the game

Clerics Guild location

The Clerics Guild is in Borderfall, the area between Flamechurch and Montwise. You can get there pretty early, and the danger level is only around 18.

How to get Cleric licenses

Getting the third Cleric license involves a tricky method of finding a hidden boss.

  • Obtain the High Priest’s Amulet - Defeat the boss in the Starfall Springs dungeon in the Leaflands

How to get the High Priest’s Book of Scripture

The Book of Scripture is also a boss drop item, but actually finding the boss requires a very specific set of actions. The boss lurks under a damaged bridge in the Beneath the Wall dungeon in Stormhail Snows, and you need eight people to get there.

Since you can only ever have a party of four, that means you need to use Partitio’s hire action, Agnea’s allure, Ochette’s befriend, and Temenos’ guide to get four NPCs to follow you. The bridge in the dungeon will fall apart when you walk over it, and you can challenge the boss to get the book.

Warriors Guild location

The Warriors Guild is in Sai, a town in Hinoeuma that you’ll visit during Castti’s second chapter. You can get there by traveling west of Conning Creek.

How to get Warrior licenses

Getting new Warrior licenses follows the same pattern as getting Dancer licenses. You need one character to learn the Warrior’s Divine Skill and then a second character to do the same.

Octopath Traveler 2 secret jobs

Secret jobs work a bit differently and don't require extra licenses.
Secret jobs work a bit differently and don't require extra licenses.

Like the first game, Octopath Traveler 2 also has four secret jobs you can unlock at various points in the game. These don’t require additional licenses, so anyone can equip the job as soon as you unlock it. Some have very specific skill requirements, though, so even if you rush to unlock the Inventor early in the game, you won’t get access to their full suite of abilities until later.

Octopath Traveler 2 Inventor location

The Inventors guild is east of New Delsta in a wooden house along the riverbank. Speak to the guildmaster to unlock the job. You need to find specific items to unlock new skills. Check the invention cases to see what items you need.

The Inventor is a handy support and attack class that can buff your allies, change turn order, and use attacks that take the form of any weapon. The downside is that you have to spend a turn building the contraption again after you use an ability, so using this class takes careful planning.

Octopath Traveler 2 Conjurer location

The Conjurer job doesn’t have a guild. Instead, you fight a series of boss battles in Ku, in the tower to the right of the castle’s entrance. You’ll need to finish Hikari’s story to access the tower.

Make sure to save between each fight to avoid losing any progress.

The final boss takes two forms with different weaknesses, and once you end the fight, you unlock the Conjurer job. This one requires Job Points to unlock new skills, but at a much higher rate than other jobs. Each skill costs 2,000 JP.

The Conjurer is a support class whose biggest boon is adding elemental attributes to physical attacks, helping you exploit enemy weaknesses your party might not be able to target otherwise.

Octopath Traveler 2 Arcanist location

Getting the Arcanist job takes a bit of prep work. You need to buy a ship, which you can do as part of Partitio’s Scent of Commerce side quests. Head to the harbor in Tropu’hopu, east of where you found the Hunters Guild, and purchase a boat for 100,000 leaves.

Sail east to The Lost Isle, a level 45 area where you also have to defeat the boss in the whirlpool. Land on the island, change the time to night, and follow the trail of blue light to the Arcanist.

Like with the Conjurer job, you use Job Points to unlock new Arcanist skills.

The Arcanist is like a combination of Cleric and Dancer. They can deal light and dark damage, buff allies, and spread buffs to everyone in the party. If you only unlock one secret job, let it be this one.

Octopath Traveler 2 Armsmaster location

The Armsmaster guild is just a lone blacksmith in Gravell, the town in the far northeast of the Wildlands. Ambush the guard at night to access the house and unlock the job. The smith requires rusty weapons to unlock new Armsmaster skills, and you have to equip those refined weapons to make those skills usable in battle.

The Armsmaster is an ultimate version of the warrior. They have access to all six weapon types, and their skills vary depending on the circumstances of battle.

Check out our beginner’s tips and recommendations for who to start with first if you’re still early in your Octopath 2 journey.

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