Octahedron Will Dazzle Your Eyes And Test Your Reflexes

Step into the light.

Platformers typically pit you against predetermined ledges, floating blocks, and the like, and while these are also present in Octahedron, the only way to progress is to make platforms of your own. Your ability to do so is limited, and platforms only last for a short amount of time once created. Factor in enemies that fire projectiles and plenty of environmental hazards, and you've got a lot to manage at any given time.

Rather than teach you the ropes through a series of blatant tutorials, Octahedron's action ramps up gradually, organically introducing one new concept after another. This works in the game's favor--there's a mysterious, otherworldly intro cinematic where your character is pulled into a bright and flashy world that's too captivating to be broken up by heavy-handed instructions.

Once you get going, Octahedron's invigorating visuals and soundtrack complement the action incredibly well. It's not a rhythm game, but it's easy to feel driven along by the games electronic beats and chirps.

If you're a fan of electronic music and creative platformers, you probably owe it to yourself to give the demo on Steam a try. If you're curious about Octahedron but only have access to consoles, check out the gameplay video above for our impressions of the first three levels to get a taste of what's in store.

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