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Obsidian Wants To Make Fallout: New Vegas Remastered

Key staff at The Outer Worlds studio expressed a desire to remaster the beloved RPG Fallout: New Vegas, calling it "awesome."


Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most beloved RPGs of all time, and it can be pretty tough to get it run well on a modern PC. The leadership of developer Obsidian would love to change that if they have a chance, with game directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky saying that they would love to remaster the game.

In a recent interview with TheGamer, The Outer Worlds production director Eric DeMilt said that the team would like to give New Vegas a facelift, noting that the game had significant technical problems at launch.

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"When it came out, it had stability issues," DeMilt said. "It's overcome those and now people are able to go back to that game, because those characters and the stories are just rich, and people want to be in there." Cain and Boyarsky agreed with DeMilt's point, calling the prospect of a graphical remaster "awesome."

More than a decade after launch, New Vegas is arguably the most beloved game in the Fallout series, though some prefer the blasted-out Washington, DC of its predecessor, Fallout 3. Some old-school fans might also throw the original Fallout 1 or 2 into the mix, too. Though the game received significant criticism at launch for its recurring technical problems--especially its frequent crashes--New Vegas is widely loved for its quality of writing, characters, and its unique faction reputation system. Last year, Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb said that some at Microsoft were discussing a hypothetical New Vegas 2.

Obsidian recently announced The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition, which will improve its graphics, load times, and more.

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