Oblivion patched on PC, Xbox 360

[UPDATE] Bethesda Softworks' RPG bumped up to version 1.1, duping bugs addressed. Xbox 360 patch now available on Live.


The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a role-playing game that promises plenty of fantasy and magic for gamers. One bit of fantastical magic it didn't intend to deliver, however, was the ability to have an unlimited supply of gold or duplicate items out of thin air. Bethesda Softworks is casting a silence spell on that black magic, as it has announced that the game's first patch is ready.

The new patch was released today for the PC and will hit Xbox Live tomorrow for the Xbox 360 edition. The file takes the game up to version 1.1 and is for the North American release of the adventure title. To download the 1.6MB update for the PC, head over to the Oblivion downloads page on GameSpot.

In addition to fixing the "duping" bugs mentioned above, v1.1 addresses several other gameplay issues. A lengthy list of quest bugs has also been fixed, as well as several problems linked to plug-ins.

The fruit-duping exploit is perfect for Halloween parties.
The fruit-duping exploit is perfect for Halloween parties.

While fixing problems in a popular game would seem to be welcomed with open arms, some aren't so keen on the new update. The duping bug has become a thing of lore among Oblivion's users, with several adventurers relying on the exploits to move further along in the game and others having fun with the bug by creating an endless bounty of watermelons.

While the patch is the subject of hot debate on the many Oblivion forums, it will likely be easier for PC users to continue to unleash rivers of produce on townsfolk. The PC patch is an optional download, but in the likely event the Xbox 360 patch is an auto-update, users would have to disconnect their consoles from the Internet to continue exploiting the glitches.

[UPDATE] According to MajorNelson.com, the Xbox 360 patch is now available.

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