Oblivion, Nintendo win Golden Joysticks

The public award three trophies each to Nintendo and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion; Editors' Choice is BAFTA winner Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.


The 24th annual Golden Joystick Awards ceremony was held at the Park Lane Hilton hotel in London this afternoon. Fifteen of the 16 awards are voted for by the gaming public, choosing from a panel-selected shortlist in each category. The only exception is the Editors' Choice Award, which is chosen by a panel of gaming journalists. Games released between August 1, 2005, and July 31, 2006, were all eligible to be considered.

The awards were presented by comedian Justin Lee Collins, and the winners included Nintendogs, which took home both the Family Game of the Year and the Girls' Choice awards, and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which was PC, Xbox, and Ultimate Game of the Year. Mario Kart DS was one of the runners-up of the day, coming second or third in several of the six categories it was shortlisted in, including Nintendo Game of the Year.

Last year, the big winners were Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Resident Evil 4.

The full list of this year's winners is as follows:

T3 Innovation Award
Xbox Live Marketplace (Microsoft)

The Sun Family Game of the Year
Nintendogs (Nintendo)

PC Game of the Year
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2K Games)

1Xtra Soundtrack of the Year
Need for Speed Most Wanted (Electronic Arts)

Xbox Game of the Year
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2K Games)

Nuts All-Nighter Awards
Pro Evolution Soccer 5 (Konami)

Bliss Girls' Choice for 2006
Nintendogs (Nintendo)

PlayStation Game of the Year
Resident Evil 4 (Capcom)

Intel Online Game of the Year
Age of Empires III (Microsoft Game Studios)

Handheld Game of the Year
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Rockstar Games)

Nintendo Game of the Year
New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)

Retailer of the Year

CVG's The One to Watch for 2007
PlayStation 3 (Sony)

Publisher of the Year
Electronic Arts

Editors' Choice Award
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Ubisoft)

PLAY.com Ultimate Game of the Year
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (2K Games)

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not surprised, oblivion rules the universe!

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cassinator Activision makes Call of Duty, u might be think of EAs less quality WWII shotter Medal of Honour.

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That all sounds about right to me - sweet.

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Sounds cool. I didn't know they had this award ceremony. :)

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How the hell did PS3 win "The one to watch 2007", that price does obiviusly belong to Wii. And EA publisher of the year? Please...

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GRAW for pc was so much better than for 360 i own both, the 360 version had so many more bugs, and was generally less fun to play and far less tactical. the pc version also got a patch much sooner after launch than the 360 version.

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I didn't realize that AOE III won

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I'm glad Oblivion won this. I hated all the other Elder Scrolls games, but i gave Oblivion a chance and it's the best decision i made since buying Chronicles of Riddick for £8 or asking for Half-Life 2 on XBox for Xmas, not knowing how i would feel about either of those games. Oblivion is the best 360 game yet, do doubt.

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I want a golden joystick.

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bs and compalin, bs and complain is all most of u do anyways good to see oblivion and aoe3 win some award

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oblivion won alot of stuff :o

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chrisdojo - "i purchased morrowind when oblivion came out (since it was only $20)" ...well...did you buy Oblivion too, or just a four year old game and try to guess why people liked the sequel? Hey, Spiderman 3 is comming out at the theaters soon, you should just go watch the first one instead, I mean part 3 is only going to look a little bet better right?

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cjcr_alexandru - "EA got 2 awards which I think will annoy some people." Hell yea! The only award EA should get is the 'Company that Molests it's Customers the Most' award for all the constant advertising we have to wade through just to find the game.

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Some good games there. And EA got 2 awards which I think will annoy some people:D.

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Editor's Choice goes to GRAW, but they don't even say which version. Is it the PC or 360 version, because those are almost completely different games, made by two separate devs. I'm assuming it went to the 360 version since that was better, but it would have been nice if they specified.

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i purchased morrowind when oblivion came out (since it was only $20).... it was OK but got old after awhile..... so i'm guessing oblivion got awards because of its visuals?

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yoshirox85......uv never heard of AoE3.....where have you been?..under a rock?......EA churns out crappy games ehhh?...guess u never heard of Call of Duty either...Madden...all kinds of famous games!... NSMB stinks!.....give me a break....do you honestly believe that or are u just trying to contradict everything....come on man....dont be a fart.....admitadely i wouldnt play soccer all night.....Halo maybe...but not soccer!....some of these awards make sense...some dont.

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GAME Is game retailer and pro evo 5 is all nighters because this is a UK award and it insanely popular in the UK and people play hours of it and in fact is like maden is in the US in that people buy it even though they don't really like games as it were

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What the heck is GAME, and how did the all-night award go to Pro Evolution Soccer? I would rather stay up and play GRAW online all night long.

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What? This is a joke, right? M$ isn't innovative, Nintendogs was boring, I've never played Oblivion (Don't have a good PC or 360, and I wouldn't want it anyway), NFSMW was probably filled with crappy rap music, soccer games can't entertain for a whole night, RE4 looks stupid (I don't like anything horror though), I've never even heard of AoE3, GTALCS was probably pretty good, NSMB was the worst game I've played all year, what the heck is GAME, PS3 is too generic, EA churns out sucky games, and TCGRAW was most likely good. There. Knocked all of the losers. I mean winners.

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Handheld Game of the Year Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Rockstar Games) CVG's The One to Watch for 2007 PlayStation 3 (Sony) Umm . . . ok. I mean seriously lets just choose a ported POS with a lame story for handheld game of the year, and then lets choose the PS3 as the "One to Watch" because it does the same thing as the 360 which has only been out for a year now. Apparently innovation doesn't count for anything, cause lets face it GTA: LCS is just more of the same, and the PS3, more of the same.

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can't believe game won retailer of the year, they always charge more and their pre-owned section generally sucks because they offer people next to nothing for the games they want to trade in. Hell I'd rather buy my games from cash converters even considering their store is generally full of people who smell like cat piss.

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Publisher of the Year Electronic Arts What the hell, is this some kind of joke?

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Retailer of the year, GAME? Seriously??? Jeez....

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lol ea publisher of the year ahhahahaha ubisoft should have won that hands down

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I'm sorry, ryuthekaizer1, but I believe you need to put down your toy guns and pick up a real book. Or at least a copy of "Reader Rabbit."

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lol gta are the crappest games out there and oblivion is not the best game! everyone knows it it gets boring shortyly! lotr bfme2 cod2 and many others are better than thatr

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hah, RE4 is still getting awards. awesome. It would be ironic if next year's GOTY for PS3 is Oblivion.

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To comment on what Kn0w0ne said, Oblivion's coming out for the PS3 too...

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Oblivion isn`t my type of game but I fully agree that it is a fantastic game. I`m just glad that there is an RPG out there that doesn`t involve a whiny pre-teen of indeterminent sexuality with anti grav hair out to save the world from a gay dracula wanna be. The point of RPGs (and gaming in general) is to take the role of someone you would want to be. I don`t want to be an asexual fashion victim. Ever.

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Oblivion rocks! haters go get a ps3.

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- NFS: Most Wanted The chavs and neds strike once again.

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Oblivion 'go away'? Whats wrong with you? Elder Scrolls is one of the best RPG franchises EVER.

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This list is...bad. :| Oblivion, EA and PS3? No. F.E.A.R, Ubisoft and Nintendo Wii. :P I hope Oblivion lives up to it's name and goes away. forever.

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Oblivion got what it deserves.

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Nice winners. Go Oblivion!

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Cayne_phoenix, I think the reason why people hate Oblivion has nothing to do with the hardware requirement. I have Oblivion (for XBox 360, and I tried the PC version, which is much better by the way), and I was greatly disappointed by it. The graphic is beautiful, true, but the gameplay is more a mix of different genre than an actual RPG. In fact, it feels more like a FPS with some RPG and mission based game elements. I played for more than 15 hours and I am still not into this story. I guess I cannot relate to the main character (me). Generally, RPGs have more interesting characters (with more background, more personnality). I do not think it should have deserved any award. For the PC, I would have chosen Civilization IV and for the 360, well... none of the game really deserve award (well, maybe GRAW). For the moment, all 360 games are just ordinary. Nothing to get really excited.

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I think the Wii should have one won to watch.

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Publisher of the Year Electronic Arts!!! :O :O DAM YOU CHAVS! DAM YOU ALL!

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Oblivion isn't that great imo....

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I don't reckon that GTA:LCS was the bast handheld game ... NSMB was better in my opinion ...

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Of Nintendo's three awards, one was in the Best Nintendo Category? Zuh?

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I'm not sure what's more hilarious. The actual results of this list or the fact that it's coming out before more than half of the year's games do...

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I LOL'd in real life when I read this list... Dear God... reminds me of the embarrassment that is the Spike Video Game Awards...

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open yo ears. i slated CVG (which i stand by) , then laughed at ps2 game of the yr. wheres the inconsistency? the Sun are gutter hacks by the way. am i being inconsistent now too?

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Why is NSMB Nintendo game of the year? It was quite possibly the worst Mario plaformer to date! Was Mario Kart DS, ACWW and AWDS even on the list? (if they came out after the last award show.

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nintendogs....enough im getting it next....

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at least theres one psp game in there:)