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NZXT Recalls All H1 PC Cases After Failing To Address Fire Hazard

This is the second time the H1 has been pulled from sale, with NZXT recalling over 30,000 units.


PC hardware manufacturer NZXT has officially started recalling all its H1 PC Chassis after it failed to adequately address a design flaw that posed a fire hazard.

The H1, which strongly resembles the design of the Xbox Series X, features a PCIe riser for GPUs to fit in the space-constrained design. This riser features two screws that don't feature enough clearance, meaning they could potentially short a 12V power rail on the connecting PCB. NZXT attempt to solve this issue by shipping nylon screws to H1 customers to prevent the short, but the company has acknowledged that it failed to resolve the core issue at hand.

In a statement on the recall, NZXT CEO Johnny Hou apologized for the design oversight, promising to improve QA processes moving forward.

"Going forward, we're instituting more robust and thorough design processes," Hou wrote. "From the initial designs, QA, to additional testing, we're committed to quality in both our products and our response to your concerns."

Since the screws could easily be replaced by another user unaware of the potential danger, NZXT has made the decision to issue a full recall of the H1 units as it redesigns a new model. This includes 32,000 units sold in the USA, and just over 1000 units sold in Canada. NZXT says that any chassis bought through its official site will be eligible for a full refund, and that clients having issues returning the case to retailers can contact support for assistance.

The company is also shipping out PCIe riser replacements to customers who wish to keep their H1 and repair it. This replacement will fix the shorting issue entirely and will likely be incorporated in the H1 design if it ever goes on sale again.

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