Nyko Harnesses N64 Thunder

Nyko Technologies is the first out of the gate with a third-party "Rumble Pak."


With Star Fox 64, Nintendo gave gamers force feedback for their gaming experiences. But until now, gamers had to buy them directly from Nintendo.

Now, however, California-based Nyko Technologies is shipping its Thunder Pak, a third-party "Rumble Pak" accessory. The add-on retails for US$16.99 and is compatible with all current and future "Rumble Pak" compatible game titles.

"We're happy to say that we are the first major accessory maker to be able to ship this new controller add-on," says David Naghi, the vice president of marketing for Nyko Technologies. "We will be supporting the motion feedback concept by announcing other compatible controllers and products for this trend within the next few months."

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