Nvidia's 65-inch Gaming Monitor Is A Big Deal, And We Saw It In Action

Big on big.


Nvidia showcased what it's calling the Big Format Gaming Display at CES 2018, which is a 65-inch display with all the features you'd expect from a PC gaming monitor. We had hands-on time with the BFG Display at the show and gave some of our initial impressions, which you can see in the video above.

Overall, it's impressive to pack a high refresh rate of 120Hz, G-Sync, and HDR all in a 65-inch 4K panel. Nvidia didn't give an exact number on the display's response time. However, from our time playing Destiny 2 on it, we feel that it keeps up with other gaming monitors and surpasses the response time of most televisions. These are the features that separate it from TVs, and while it doesn't have a TV tuner, the integration of Nvidia Shield offers access to streaming services.

The big lingering questions however are price and release date. Nvidia doesn't have anything definitive in this regard but said it'll be priced similar to high-end televisions of around the same size and that it's hoping to roll these out in the summer this year. These displays will be manufactured and offered by companies like HP, Asus, and Acer.

For more on what we've seen thus far at CES 2018, check out our look at Razer's Project Linda, Hyperkin's Ultra GB, and what AMD has in store for the future. We've also a got a roundup of the best gaming hardware at CES.

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