Nvidia Releases GPU Hotfix For SteamVR Performance Issues

The hotfix also addresses several game-specific crashes and performance across creative applications.


Nvidia has release a new hotfix for its GeForce desktop graphics cards, addressing several long-standing issues with SteamVR, game crashes, and more.

The hotfix is available to download now, with Nvidia headlining the update with a fix for SteamVR that has been anticipated for some time. Some users have reported stuttering and lag when trying to play VR titles, which Nvidia hopes has been resolved with this latest patch.

Other issues addressed include consistent crashes with games like Detroit: Become Human and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, as well as some optimizations for Adobe Premiere Pro. The full patch notes for the hotfix can be found below.

Nvidia usually reserves GPU updates for big PC releases, such as the last Game Ready Driver that launched with Cyberpunk 2077, but has since been releasing smaller hotfixes. The company does note that the fixes included don't undergo as rigorous testing as those included in Game Ready Drivers, so keep that in mind before updating.

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