Nvidia marketing manager killed by train while helping man off tracks

Philip Scholz was helping a man to safety as the train hit them both.

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Nvidia marketing manager Philip Scholz was killed on Monday, Jan. 20 at the Santa Clara Caltrain Station in California after pulling a man off the tracks, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

The man Scholz helped survived, but his identity and reason for being on tracks has not been released. He is in critical condition at the hospital and unable to speak to investigators. Scholz's wife told the Mercury News that the person did want to get out of the way.

Surveillance footage from the station shows that Scholz was talking to the man before he tried pulling him to safety. The commuter train came into the station at 50 to 70 mph when it struck both men, Caltrain officials said.

Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky said that Scholz's actions "completely resonates with something consistent with the guy. I'm sure his knee-jerk, no hesitation to help someone else is what caused this—he goes down as a hero in my book."

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