Nvidia G-Sync tech claims to remove screen tearing, lag, and stutter

G-Sync coming to monitors from Asus, Benq, Philips and ViewSonic; compatible with GTX 660 and up

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Nvidia has unveiled G-Sync, a new monitor technology that aims to completely eliminate screen tearing and stutter, as well as dramatically reduce lag in PC games. The technology is initially coming to gaming monitors from vendors Asus, Benq, Philips, and ViewSonic.

No pricing or release date was announced.

G-Sync is a module that replaces the scaler in LCD monitors, allowing the GPU to directly control its refresh rate and match it to the frame rate of the game being played. This, Nvidia claims, completely eliminates the judder and reduces the lag associated with using V-Sync, while also eliminating the screen tearing associated with turning V-Sync off.

The technology will require a compatible monitor and at least a GTX 660 Nvidia graphics card.

Speaking during the announcement, DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson said that it is "essentially impossible to design a game for a fixed frame rate today," due to the different environments used in today's AAA games. By using G-Sync, he continued, developers will no longer have to worry about hitting a baseline performance of 60 frames per second, with the game appearing smooth at all times, regardless of the frame rate.

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