Nvidia Broadcast App Version 1.2 Launches Today And Improves Echo And Video Noise Reduction

Nvidia's app for setting up broadcasts is getting some significant improvements to its room echo and noise reduction tech.


Nvidia's Broadcast app, which gives users tools for setting up livestreams from their PCs, is getting a big update today that improves its echo and video noise reduction tech. In Version 1.2, Nvidia has added several new features that help you get rid of unwanted environmental audio and video static.

The most significant new feature is called Room Echo Removal, which helps even out your voice if you're streaming from a room with poor acoustics. This feature uses Nvidia's tech to reduce the amount of echo in your audio. The Video Noise Removal feature, meanwhile, will work to reduce noise in your video feed, which is especially prevalent when using low-quality cameras like webcams in low-light spaces.

Nvidia is also overhauling some of the app's existing audio and video features. Version 1.2 improves the capabilities of the audio noise removal tool, including additions that help separate out and silence noise from animals and insects. Auto Frame, which dynamically crops the video feed to focus on the person in the shot, has been updated with a buffer zone so that it doesn't constantly move. Now, the camera will only update the crop if the person in the shot moves outside of the middle third of the screen. Finally, the update now lets you use multiple AI-driven effects at once, so you can, for instance, run Auto Frame and Background Blur at the same time.

These technologies are not exclusive to Nvidia's Broadcast app, as the company previously opened up its SDK to other developers. Several apps like OBS Studio and Notch already incorporate some of these features, and Nvidia announced today that AverMedia has rolled the audio noise removal and virtual background tools into its own apps.

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