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NPD: US game spend for Q2 reaches $2.88 billion

Research group's latest findings show a spending decline of 3 percent compared to Q2 2012 as a result of next-gen looming on the horizon.


The NPD Group today released results from its 2013 Games Market Dynamics: US report, concluding that total United States spend on games for the April-June quarter was $2.88 billion. This is down 3 percent from last year's $2.97 billion, the company said.

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The $2.88 billion figure includes $769 million spent during the quarter on new physical console and PC software, as well as used and rental spending of $343 million, and digital content (full game downloads, downloadable content, subscriptions, mobile, and social games) spending of $1.77 billion.

When adding spending from accessories, hardware, and total content, spending fell 9 percent, the NPD Group said, due primarily to hardware declines resulting from gamers holding off in anticipation of new systems in November.

"The decrease in new physical spending is partly due to the decline in the number of new SKUs released at retail (with 37 percent fewer new SKUs in Q2'13 compared to Q2'12) which is to be expected as developers, publishers, and consumers alike prepare for the next hardware generation," NPD Group analyst Liam Callahan said in a statement.

Callahan noted that increases in digital content spending "nearly" offset the losses from declines in physical format spending. He added that digital full-game downloads and DLC saw a combined spending increase of 27 percent over last year.

The PlayStation 4 launches in North America on November 15, while the Xbox One will debut in 13 regions across the world on November 22.

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