NPD: Canada passes C$1B in game sales

Northern country broaches billion-dollar milestone as November's haul grows by nearly 42 percent to C$209 million.


November traditionally goes on record as one of the biggest months at retail for the gaming industry, but few expected the massive $2.63 billion in total income the industry generated in the US for the month, as revealed by the industry-tracking NPD Group yesterday. In the US, the gaming sector was up a staggering 52 percent for the month and outperforming last year's total accrual, even without factoring in December, which is typically the single most lucrative month for the industry.

The US tally notwithstanding, the Great White North posted impressive gains in its own right for the month of November, according to NPD. For the month that was, Canadian consumers dumped C$209.1 million ($205.6 million) into software, hardware, and accessories, an increase of nearly 42 percent over the same month in 2006. The month's revenue pushes Canada's year-to-date total past the C$1 billion milestone to C$1.13 billion ($1.11 billion), with sales up nearly 65 percent compared to the same period of time last year.

Though a far cry from the 1.53 million DSs sold in the US during the same period, approximately 120,000 units of Nintendo's popular handheld were gobbled up by Canadians in November, leading the hardware sales chart. The DS's closest competition was the Nintendo Wii, which found its way into more than 82,000 homes. From there, it was a much tighter race, with the Xbox 360 shifting about 59,000 units for the month and the PlayStation 3 closely following with nearly 51,000. Slightly outperforming the stalwart PlayStation 2's approximately 30,000 units was the PlayStation Portable, with about 33,000 systems sold.

On the software front, Canadian gamers' tastes nearly mirror those held by their brethren to the South. The top-selling game for the month was Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, with roughly 94,000 units sold. Activision secured the rest of the top three, with the PS2 version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock taking second with nearly 82,000 bundled packages sold, and more than 78,000 copies of the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare taking to the streets. Activision scored two more slots in the top 10, with the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero III landing in the sixth slot at nearly 32,000 units sold, and the PS3 version of Call of Duty 4 scoring seventh at more than 30,000 units.

Assassin's Creed, which Ubisoft now anticipates will sell 5 million units worldwide by the end of its fiscal year 2008, was the fourth and ninth best-seller in Canada for the month, shifting more than 60,000 units on the Xbox 360 and an additional 26,000 copies on the PS3. Wii Play (with Wii Remote), a regular on software charts across the globe, took the fifth slot for the month, selling approximately 51,000 units. Xbox 360 exclusives rounded out the Canadian top 10 software chart, with BioWare's sci-fi role-playing game Mass Effect selling more than 30,000 and ranking seventh, and Bungie's megahit shooter Halo 3 placing 10th, having sold nearly 26,000 units.

Nintendo DS -- 120,000
Nintendo Wii -- 82,000
Xbox 360 -- 59,000
PlayStation 3 -- 51,000
PlayStation Portable -- 33,000
PlayStation 2 -- 30,000

1) Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - Nintendo - 94,000
2) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock W/Guitar (PS2) - Activision - 82,000
3) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (X360) - Activision - 78,000
4) Assassin's Creed (X360) - Ubisoft - 60,000
5) Wii Play W/Remote (Wii) - Nintendo - 51,000
6) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock W/ Wireless Guitar (X360) - Activision - 32,000
7) Mass Effect (X360) - Microsoft - 30,000
8) Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PS3) - Activision - 30,000
9) Assassin's Creed (PS3) - Ubisoft - 26,000
10) Halo 3 (X360) - Microsoft - 26,000

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Go Halifax!!!

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would of been a really good idea to buy shares in Nintendo in october for the rush of consoles they had over Xmas!

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Finally, some news about my side of the border. Glad to see that gaming is growing just as much here in Canada as it is around the world.

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I love Toronto. New PS3 and Xbox games are 10 bucks cheaper (Regualar one was 69.99 and now its 59.99 :D)

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from toronto...GO COLTS...screw the PATS!

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All right Canada.. Timbits for everyone!!

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It's because we're getting high speed to our igloos now. Well that and electricity..

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what a boot that, eh?

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Nice to see PS3 as Sony's flagship. And as a specific rival to 360. Lacking a Thanksgiving weekend is probably why the numbers are more "normal". In fact, the much closer nature of the sales is much more ideal.

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what else is there to do in canada besides game anyway?

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That doesn't surprise me, its probably a combination of one of the best video game line-ups in recent memory and the fact that all of those games just got $10 cheaper because of the exchange rate. The days of paying almost $10 more than the US for games are over!

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"Though a far cry from the 1.53 million DSs sold in the US during the same period, approximately 120,000 units of Nintendo's popular handheld were gobbled up by Canadians in November, leading the hardware sales chart. " that's a little misleading... USA has 10 times the population that Canada has... so really Canada bought 1.2 million DSs to the USA's 1.5.

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In your log cabin playin COD4 in front of a warm fire on the 360.... It is great that the video game industry is seeing huge success this season. This means that they will have $$ to invest in future products = better games.

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Ohhhhhh Ameeeeeericaaaaaaa....My home and native laaaand....

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ah man these chinnooks kick a**, middle of winter and still above 10*C oh ya sorry everywhere else guess it will always be cold wherever you are... lol but ya no dev houses in Calgary so its not all good...:P

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yea its been snowing all day.. it just stopped here, i had to shovel my huge ass driveway twice. lol

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Nice job Canada!!!

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hurray for canada =D

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Makes sense, its so cold most of the time people would rather stay home and play video games. Its snowing like crazy right now in toronto.

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YAYA Canada pwwwwwwns. Yo its snowing here LMAO Blizzarddddd. Who wants to get a big party on XBL or PS3? DONE SON. And yea Ranman1990 i agreee. But at least we get wicked snow days and blizzards lol.

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thats pretty solid. I still find it sad that our country has the population of California hahha .

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awesome! pass the beer please... thx

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Canada rocks

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CANADA FTW!!!! Hahaha. We love our games.

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@Stonetowerghost Yes, the population of Canada is nearly proportional to that of video game sales. In 2006, the population was estimated at 31.6 million. The United States population is estimated at around 302 million. We need around 10 times as many sales to be proportional to the sales they have.

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LOL...I posted a comment about Canadian Gamers are some fo the best and I got moderated for it. Post deleted, points lost, TOS violation. I guess only Americans can be proud of their country and post about it here.

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@GarnetPrincess. It's good to see my native land achieve such a milestone, especially when you consider our population in comparison to the US. --------------- Is Canada THAT underpopulated?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Tremblay343: Enough with the hate-filled stereotypes you penguin-eating snow monster!

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blame canada!!!!!

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Super Mario Galaxy & COD4 are both outstanding games. I'm not surprised :)

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It's good to see my native land achieve such a milestone, especially when you consider our population in comparison to the US.

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surprised to see ps2 in the top consoles list.

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WizengamotX : Since we're playing it like that. How about you be quiet you ignorant, overweight war mongorer. Stereotypes are nice aren't they?

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C'mon Canadian dollar rise!!!!

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I am glad to say that I did my part :D

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glad i help make people some $$$

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boobush, finance isn't your strong point now is it?

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canadian dollar ftw.

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the list is so obvious

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farenheit? what's that? lol

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why the ehll do u call it the great white north, it snows here just as much as it does in NEw York and buffalo, DON'T THINK ITS THE ARCTIC OR SOMETHING, we have 100 degrees farenheit summers too!!!

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when our dollar hit par the games went for $69 for the new releases to $59...GREAT SUCCESS

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For once, it might be The Great White North! First white Christmas in a few years, w00t! ^__^