Nox Quest

A free addition to Westwood's action-RPG will let up to six players adventure cooperatively.


Westwood Studios has decided to release a free expansion to Nox that will let players adventure cooperatively online. Nox Quest, expected to hit the Web in July, will introduce all new levels designed and balanced for cooperative play. To ensure that adventuring parties never run out of monsters to challenge them, Westwood is introducing "summoning obelisks," which spawn a continuous horde of creatures until they are destroyed.

The developers have created original art for the expansion as well as new monsters, items, and traps. When a party survives a quest, that quest will reset with even stronger monsters and Hecubah and her Necromancer minions may pop up to keep adventurers on their toes.

Nox Quest will be playable through Westwood Online and adds to the five competitive multiplayer options currently available through the online service.

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