Now You Can Play Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition in Virtual Reality

The Minecraft app can be downloaded for free on the Oculus Store for those who already own the game.


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition owners are now able to enjoy the game using the virtual reality Oculus Rift headset. The Minecraft app is available to download on the Oculus Store, and is free to those who own the Windows 10 Edition of the game.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is currently in beta and is free to those who purchased the original Minecraft on PC (it can be redeemed by logging into the user's Mojang account and following the relevant prompts). For those who have never owned a Minecraft game before, the Windows 10 Edition Beta can be purchased for $10 at the Microsoft Store.

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Minecraft was first released in 2011 for PC. Despite being over five years old, the game has consistently remained in lists for the most-sold games in the US, most recently making the top ten list in July and June for digital sales and physical sales, respectively.

At E3 this year Microsoft announced Minecraft Realms crossplay support for the Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Editions of the game. An Xbox-Live powered multiplatform server hosting service for the game, Minecraft Realms allows for cross-play across iOS, Windows 10, Android, and Gear VR devices.

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