Now you can play Half-Life 2 on the go

Valve partners with Nvidia to offer Half-Life 2 on the Nvidia Shield; it's available today alongside Portal for $10.


You can now play acclaimed Valve games Half-Life 2 and Portal on the go, that is, if you own a $200 Nvidia Shield. We already knew Portal would be available on Nvidia Shield beginning today, but the Half-Life 2 bit is new.

In a statement, Valve's Doug Lombardi said Nvidia did a "remarkable" job on the Half-Life 2 and Portal ports, and you can expect "the same gameplay" as you'd find in the PC versions.

"Using the utmost care, we paid attention to every detail to ensure gamers get the full PC versions natively on Android. The graphic performance is sharp; the controls are precise and natural," Nvidia said in its own statement.

The Nvidia Shield runs on Android, but the Android versions of Half-Life 2 and Portal are currently only available for the Nvidia Shield. There's no word on a possible release for all Android devices. If you do own a Nvidia Shield, you can download Half-Life 2 and Portal through Google Play today at these links: [Half-Life 2] [Portal].

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