November North American release for Baten Kaitos

Namco announces its GameCube RPG is finally coming to America with a new, expanded title.


Today, Namco finally nailed down the North American release date for Baten Kaitos. Now titled "Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings," the Monolith Soft-developed role-playing game will be released exclusively for the GameCube this November.

“The beautiful graphics, brilliant 3D character designs by Nakaba Higurashi, and unique turn-based battle system sets Baten Kaitos apart from other games in the RPG genre,” said Namco's executive vice president of research and development, Rod Nakamoto. “We’re looking forward to giving gamers the chance to experience the adventure firsthand when it hits the US market this fall.”

Available in Japan since late last year, Baten Kaitos is set in a fantastical world composed of floating islands that are guarded by a corps of flying knights. Among the other realms included in the game are an illusory, dimension-shifting city and "a nation of rainbows protected by a magical shield."

Baten Kaitos' gameplay will be based on a card-based-battle-and-item system that allows players to capture the essence of certain objects, weapons, and spells for use during combat. The game will contain more than 1,000 types of “Magnus” cards that will age through time (so that food will rot, swords will rust, etc.).

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