November 2019 PS Plus: Free PS4 Games For Members This Month

Outlast 2 and Nioh can be yours.


This month's free PS4 games for PlayStation Plus subscribers are a pair of great releases you'll want to grab before the month is over, as long as you've got the stomach for the very different kinds of challenge they represent. If you have an active PS Plus members, you can download the brutally difficulty action-RPG Nioh, as well as the first-person horror game Outlast 2. With Nioh 2 hitting next year, now's a good time to catch up on the original, and horror fans will get a kick out of Outlast 2's scares. Make sure that you jump onto the PlayStation Store this November if you're a subscriber.

Nioh is set in fictional feudal Japan and puts you in the shoes of William Adams who--in-game and in real life--is the first Western samurai. Its gameplay is very comparable to the Dark Souls series, with challenging combat, huge open levels, and big bosses that will likely kick your butt. Our Nioh review scored it a 9/10 and called it an "effective and engrossing spin on Dark Souls-inspired combat and exploration." A sequel, Nioh 2, is on the way.

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Gigantic bosses can cause dread, but the second PS Plus game inspires pure terror. Outlast 2 is a first-person trek through one terrifying area after another. After a helicopter accident, your wife goes missing in a creepy remote region that's full of disfigured cultists looking to murder anyone they find. Equipped with your trusty camcorder, you must utilize its night-vision and recording functionality to sneak, survive, and save your wife. GameSpot's Outlast 2 review compared the game to "a ride through a really amazing haunted house," scoring it a 7/10.

Both games joined the PS Plus lineup on November 5 and will be available until December's free PS4 games arrive on December 3. You can add them to your basket through the links below and checkout. After that, they're yours to play for as long as you're subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

If you're also subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, then be sure to check out the free Games With Gold for November 2019.

PS Plus free games for November 2019

Available November 5 - December 3

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