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Novastrike shoots up PSN

Tiki Games' shooter joins free Guitar Hero III version of God of War II theme in Sony's weekly online store update.


Regardless of a gamer's console of choice, this current generation of gaming has the shoot-'em-up crowd covered in spades thanks to a continuous outpouring from indie shops. The latest independent developer to get in on the shoot-'em-up action is Tiki Games, formed at the beginning of 2006 in San Diego by a number of industry veterans including Planetside lead developer Kevin McCann.

Aliens and shoot-'em-ups go hand in hand.
Aliens and shoot-'em-ups go hand in hand.

In a post to Sony's official PlayStation Blog this week, McCann revealed that Tiki's first project, Novastrike, will touch down on the PlayStation Network as part of today's regularly scheduled update. The first self-published game for the PSN, according to McCann, Novastrike is a free-roaming top-down shooter where players hop into a high-tech aircraft to ward off an alien invasion with a nonstop spray of munitions. Players will be able to upgrade their ship's nine base weapons a total of three times each, and the game spans seven levels.

Also as part of today's PSN update, Sony has said that a rock rendition of the God of War II theme will be added exclusively to the PlayStation 3 edition of Activision's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Titled, "The End Begins (to Rock)," the tune will be available as a free download when the update goes live later today.

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