NovaLogic Donates Land Warrior to West Point

The US Military Academy will use the tactical combat simulation to train soldiers.


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NovaLogic Systems has given 1,200 copies of Delta Force: Land Warrior to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. The academy will use the squad-level tactical combat simulation as part of its cadet military science education program. NovaLogic developed Delta Force: Land Warrior for use by the US Army. The Army selected NovaLogic to develop Land Warrior because its previous game, Delta Force 2, already included many of the features the Army needed in the training program. The game includes the ability to render large outdoor and indoor areas, varied weather conditions, support for up to 50 players per scenario, map displays, night vision, a wide selection of authentic weapons, and a complete mission editor.

The Army's Project Manager-Soldier is developing the Land Warrior system to integrate existing equipment with new technology to improve soldiers' effectiveness. The system will provide soldiers with improved weapons, communications, and imaging technology in a package that is similar in terms of weight to the one that is currently carried by soldiers. The Land Warrior system will feature a self-contained computer and radio system; a modular weapons system that adds laser ranging and video and thermal sights to the standard M4 carbine rifle; a global positioning system (GPS) receiver; and a helmet-mounted LCD display. The video sight and helmet-mounted display enable soldiers to aim over walls and around corners without being exposed to enemy fire. When used with the laser range finder, the GPS receiver lets soldiers call in precision artillery fire. The Land Warrior system will also improve the soldiers' situational awareness, communication, and navigation.

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