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Noted MCU Villain Jake Gyllenhaal Was Mistaken For Spider-Man And The Story Is Perfect

Gyllenhaal shares a funny story of mistaken identity.


Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has shared a fun story of a time when he was mistaken for Spider-Man. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Gyllenhaal said this happened some time ago on an airplane.

"I did have a very sweet woman on a plane, an older woman, come to me and say, 'Can I tell my son I was the plane with Spider-Man?' I was like, 'You absolutely can,'" he said.

As it happens, Gyllenhaal actually could have played Spider-Man years ago. As the story goes, Tobey Maguire hurt himself making the movie Seabiscuit and apparently considered not coming back for Spider-Man 2. During this time of uncertainty, Sony Pictures reportedly sought out other actors who could replace him, and Gyllenhaal was among the candidates. Maguire eventually decided to come back.

Gyllenhaal got his chance in the Spider-Man universe, though, as he starred in Spider-Man: Far From Home as the villainous Mysterio.

In other Spider-Man news, Tom Holland has said he wants to come back to make another entry in the series, though he is mindful of trying to protect the franchise's legacy.

Before this, Holland said he considered walking away from Spider-Man and passing the baton to someone else to play the character.

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