Nostalgia warming DS this September

Ignition reveals plans to localize Tecmo, Matrix Software's steampunk-inspired JRPG for Nintendo's portable later this year.


Upon release in Japan last November, Tecmo's Nostalgeo no Kaze for the DS was made remarkable in a sea of Japanese role-playing games due to its high-profile development team. Notably, the title was crafted by Matrix Software, who reenvisioned Square Enix's Final Fantasy III and IV for the DS, with Japanese industry notables Keisuke Kikuchi, Naoki Morita, Yoshiteru Tsujino, Takuhito Kusanagi, and Keita Amemiya serving in key development roles.

Zeppelins are a steampunk requisite.
Zeppelins are a steampunk requisite.

Today, Ignition Entertainment said it would be partnering with Tecmo, Matrix, and Red Entertainment to release a localized edition of the handheld JRPG in the US this September. Now titled Nostalgia, the steampunk-inspired RPG is set on an alternate-reality 19th-century Earth on which British protagonist Eddie and his crew sail the unfriendly, zeppelin-filled skies to save the world.

Not unlike Matrix's Final Fantasy redux, Nostalgia has been built using a 3D graphics engine and will feature an anime-inspired art aesthetic. Ignition notes that Nostalgia will feature two distinct combat mechanics: one is a turn-based system for close-range melee attacks, and the other mechanic was described only as offering "thrilling, large-scale airship battles." Players will also be afforded a number of customization options for their airships, armor, weapons, and special attacks.

Ignition expects to unveil more information concerning the title through the game's official Web site.

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