Nosgoth a multiplayer game in the Legacy of Kain universe

But Square Enix's new game won't be appearing at this year's E3.


Square Enix has said that Nosgoth, which popped up last month in AMD and Steam databases, is a multiplayer-focused game currently in active development--but that gamers shouldn't expect to be seeing it anytime soon.

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"We're aware that the community has been actively discussing rumours about a game currently in development called Nosgoth," said a Square Enix representative to Eurogamer, "after it was referenced in AMD's Crossfire Application Profile and the Steam database last week."

"While we can confirm that this game exists, is in active development, and is set in the same universe as the Legacy of Kain games, it's not a traditional or even single-player LoK experience."

"Given the AMD and Steam leaks, it feels weird to have a bunch of info out there and we don't want the community to get the wrong idea, especially as the game won't be at this year's E3."

Square Enix confirmed that Nosgoth is not being developed by long-time series developer Crystal Dynamics, who most recently worked on this year's Tomb Raider reboot. Nosgoth is also a "separate branch" to the Blood Omen and Soul Reaver franchises.

"We can also tell you that Nosgoth is not being developed by Crystal Dynamics, nor are they working on a Legacy of Kain game right now and while our game is set in the world of Nosgoth, it's very much on a separate branch to both the Soul Reaver and Blood Omen series."

"Sorry to be so cagey," continued the Square Enix representative. "There will be an official announcement in due course when we'll reveal Nosgoth properly, so we can't go into tons of detail just at the moment. Everyone at Square Enix is really excited by the game and we're all looking forward to lifting the veil of secrecy in the future."

Last year it was rumoured that Crystal Dynamics was looking to reboot the Soul Reaver franchise.

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