Norway triumph in Ogaming.TV's inaugrual Nation Wars season

Beating out team Russia in the grand finals 4-1, the underdogs of the tournament walk away with a 1st place finish.


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Exacting their revenge upon Russia. who defeated them in the group stage on the first day of the tournament, with Jens 'Snute' Aasgaard scoring a 3-kill against the Russians before they could even get a single game on the board. Eventually, Russian ace Dmitry 'Happy' Kostin finally took down the Norweigan, but the damage caused by Snute was already to great, as countryman Kristoffer 'TargA' Marthinsen took him down in the final game of the series, to give Norway the gold and the glory.

Aside from Norway's obvious victory, which include a ridiculous game between the aforementioned Snute and Oleg 'TitaN' Kuptsov, which went past an hour in length and saw the Team Liquid player make an incredible comeback, the story of the league was Germany's ace in the tournament in the shape of the young terran player Gabriel 'Heromarine' Segat, who managed to all-kill team Sweden as well as garnering his team two kills in the next game against team Ukraine.

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