Norman Reedus "Getting Better" After Walking Dead Set Accident

The actor is expected to return to work on The Walking Dead on March 22.


Actor Norman Reedus is expected to return to work March 22 on The Walking Dead after recently suffering a "minor" concussion on the show's set. Reedus shared news of his recovery on Instagram this past Friday.

As Reedus wrote, he's "getting better, getting clear, and gonna be back to work Tuesday they tell me." The actor also apologized for the injury necessitating his dropping out of an appearance at the Fandemic Tour, a Florida-based comic and pop culture convention where Reedus and other castmates were slated to appear on the weekend following the injury. Check out his post below.

The injury had repercussions for the long-running series, which as a result had to postpone its intended final wrap day. As of this writing, the circumstances surrounding the injury are still unclear as to whether the incident occurred while Reedus was filming or just on set.

After The Walking Dead wraps the series in late 2022 or early 2023, Reedus' character Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride's character Carol Peletier will feature in their own spin-off. As releasing the premise or other cast members may spoil aspects of the series finale, not much is known about this show other than it's going to happen after The Walking Dead.

Elsewhere in the franchise, announcements continue to pop up about other spin-offs and limited series. On March 7, the six-episode limited series Isle of the Dead--the realization of a series first discussed back in 2019--was officially slated for a debut in 2023.

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