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Nookazon Is Like Amazon For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items

If you're looking for a specific item or recipe, Nookazon can help you track it down.


It didn't take long for Animal Crossing: New Horizon's extensive in-game economy to escape into the real world, with social networks filling up with requests for rare recipes, or invitations to islands where turnips are selling high. A new site called Nookazon takes this to the next level, offering Animal Crossing players a platform to buy and sell in-game items for bells and materials.

The site acts as a go-between where players can find each other for transactions, though most of these sales seem to be organized over Discord once the two players have connected. Nookazon also operates a Discord server to make setting up a sale even easier.

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Not just limited to items and recipes, Nookazon also seems to be doing a roaring trade in villagers, catering to players who are very specific about who they want to live with.

Nookazon isn't the first site looking to help players make economic connections outside their normal circles. There's also a Turnip Exchange, where players looking to play the Stalk Market can find islands where turnips are selling high--for a price. To visit one island listed at the time of writing as having a turnip sell price of 615 bells, for example, the island's owner asks for a 99,000 bell fee.

These online marketplaces are likely to cost you a lot more than just trading with a friend would, but for those who have their heart set on a particular item or villager to complete their aesthetic, it's an option to look into.

Although New Horizons has cut down on ways players can grief others in game, as always it's worth using caution when inviting strangers to your island!

Check out GameSpot's review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which concluded, "New Horizons has a slower pace even than other Animal Crossing games, and at times, that can feel unnecessarily restrictive. But there's still plenty to do, and each of those activities feeds into the next brilliantly for a rewarding and relentlessly cheerful experience."

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