Non-Fantasy RPG Kingdom Come Alpha Coming October 22

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Alpha will not feature combat, but will get new features every two months.


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Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the non-fantasy role-playing game from former Mafia designer Daniel Vavra and Warhorse Studios, will get its first Alpha on October 22.

In the video update about the game's development, Vavra explained that the Alpha will be very limited. It will include one location—a small village—where players will be able to see how it looks and check out the NPCs' lifecycle, as well as several "mini quests" to test the core features of the game. The alpha will not include combat or horse riding, which Warhorse says are still in the early stages of development.

It sounds like Warhorse mostly wants to see how the Alpha runs on players' computers and solicit feedback. However, it said that it plans to keep adding features to the Alpha every two months.

The Alpha will be distributed via Steam to all eligible backers, even if they chose to get the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 version of the game when it's released.

Kingdom Come was successfully Kickstarted in February with $1.8 million from more than 35,000 backers, and Warhorse has since raised additional funds through its website to reach a total of $2 million in funding. You can still back the project here if you want to get in on the Alpha.

Warhorse describes Kingdom Come as a "realistic" and open-world first-person single-player RPG with period accurate melee combat. It uses CryEngine, and contrary to almost every other RPG, doesn't feature magic or other fantasy elements. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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