NOLF Dancing Demo Premiere

Take a look at No One Lives Forever's LithTech engine in action with this looping demo.


Monolith recently gave GameSpot a technology demo that highlights some new features of the LithTech engine in a looping sequence focused on a motion-captured character from No One Lives Forever, the company's upcoming first-person shooter. The character, Tom Goodman, is depicted shaking his moneymaker on the dance floor of a 1960s-style club as the camera zooms in on and pans around him. The demo shows off the LithTech engine's lighting, shadow, and reflection effects, as well as the 3D engine's level-of-detail and animation capabilities.

Simply follow this link to get to the zipped-up demo. While you're downloading, take a look at the screenshots above, which were taken from the demo.

Monolith has claimed that the performance of this demo is a bit slower than the actual game. All those slick dance moves were motion-captured from none other than Jason Hall, Monolith's CEO.

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