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Nolan dreaming up Inception game

Director Christopher Nolan says he is considering turning his $750-million-grossing, mind-bending big-screen thriller into a small-screen game.

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With its byzantine storyline, Inception was no guaranteed box office success. However, the imprimatur of director Christopher Nolan, star power of Leonardo Di Caprio, and a bevy of mind-bending visuals were enough to make the Memento-complex thriller a box office smash. According to Variety, the film has now grossed over $753 million worldwide, despite not having opened in such major European markets as Italy.

Christopher Nolan is dreaming up scenarios for an Inception video game.
Christopher Nolan is dreaming up scenarios for an Inception video game.

Though Nolan's next project will be a third Batman film, he is also eyeing a new Inception project--a game, namely. "One thing we are looking at doing is developing a video game based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can't fit into a feature film," he told Variety.

No developer or publisher for the game was mentioned, although the film is distributed by Warner Bros., which has its own game publishing arm, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The filmmaker did give a time frame, however, and it's not any time soon. "That's something we've been talking about and are looking at doing [in the] long term, in a couple of years," he told the trade.

If an Inception spin-off is made, it will be the second game based on a Nolan-directed film. The first, Batman Begins, was released concurrently with its movie namesake in 2005 by Electronic Arts. Nolan's pre-Inception film, The Dark Knight (2008), was rumored to have had a film tie-in at internal EA developer Pandemic Studios. However, no game ever surfaced, and the Mercenaries-maker was folded into EALA late last year.

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