Nokia announces Rifts for N-Gage

Backbone Entertainment is working on a 3D role-playing game based on Palladium Books' pen-and-paper RPG series.


Rifts: Promise of Power

Nokia has today announced that it will publish Rifts for the N-Gage in 2005. The game, which is currently in development at Backbone Entertainment, is based on Palladium Books' pen-and-paper role-playing series of the same name.

"We're proud to introduce Rifts as the latest Nokia-published title that will debut exclusively on the N-Gage platform," said Pasi Polonen, director of game publishing at Nokia's games business unit. "The intricate and detailed world of Rifts is a perfect fit for our platform and consumer base. It's particularly well-suited for mobile multiplayer gaming, whether you want collaboration or competition."

"It's amazing to work with Nokia and develop Rifts for the N-Gage platform," added Kevin Siembieda, creator of the Rifts world. "We're creating a new storyline that is strong and compelling, with great characters and location choices and a winning combination of action, surprise, and fun. I'm sure that Rifts on the N-Gage will please longtime Rifts players and attract a broad audience of video game enthusiasts."

In the N-Gage version of Rifts, players will get to explore a 3D re-creation of the chaotic Rifts, enlisting characters such as Glitter Boy and Mind Melter for their party as they progress through the game. In addition to solo play, the game will support up to four players via Bluetooth.

We'll bring you more information on Rifts for the N-Gage as soon as it becomes available.

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