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Noguchi’s Bell Is An Animated Series Developed Entirely In Dreams

If you ever needed an example of just how powerful Dreams is, check out the animated show Noguchi's Bell, created entirely inside of the game.


Media Molecule's Dreams has proven itself to be a versatile engine for creating custom games, but one animation studio is looking to use it to generate an entire animated series. Called Noguchi's Bell and developed by Cyber Sheep Films, the series follows a young samurai called Noguchi Michio during a journey to discover a temple where a legendary swordsman lives.

The studio is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, with funds going toward the production of Noguchi's Bell and the development of the series. To get an idea of what a Dreams-animated show looks like, you can check out the original 20-minute pilot below:

With proper funding, Cyber Sheep is planning to release an episode every four to five months. Currently, the Kickstarter campaign is sitting at over $8,200 of the $32,615 funding that it needs, with a few weeks left to go before time runs out. Cyber Sheep says that Noguchi's Bell is inspired by cult-classic animated shows like Samurai Jack and Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as classic films like Seven Samurai and Kill Bill.

It's also another example of just how creative people can be in Dreams, and seeing an entire animated episode designed on a PlayStation console is impressive stuff.

"Dreams allows artists to work on their projects uninterrupted, staying in the flow and seeing the end product live as they build it," Cyber Sheep wrote on the Kickstarter page, explaining why the studio used the PS4 game instead of traditional software such as Blender. "We fell in love with the tools Dreams provides, and want to show their potential to everyone, whether you're an artist or an art-lover."

In other Dreams news, Media Molecule has released three levels for its latest Dreamiverse project, Megapenguin. Starring a very buff version of nature's worst creature, the developer is looking for the Dreams community to finish the game and has provided a number of assets that can be used to develop more Megapenguin adventures.

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