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Nobody Saves The World Coming January 18, Included With Xbox Game Pass

The shapeshifting action-RPG from Drinkbox is coming later this month to PC and Xbox, and if you have Game Pass it's included.


The action-RPG Nobody Saves the World now has a release date, and it's closer than you might have thought. The game from Guacamelee studio Drinkbox is coming on January 18 to PC and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. If you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber on PC or consoles, you'll have it on release day as part of your subscription.

The date was announced in a trailer, showing off tons of gameplay and some story content, along with the uniquely cartoon-creepy art style. Nobody Saves the World is a top-down Zelda-like adventure game. You play as a featureless person who can shapeshift into different forms, each with their own special abilities to navigate the world and engage in combat. Each form has its own set of challenges and upgrade tree, and you can mix and match your abilities and loadouts.

A demo for Nobody Saves the World was released as part of ID@Xbox Winter Game Fest, letting you sample some forms like a poisonous rat or a hulking knight. The new release date trailer shows off even more forms, like a stage magician and an automaton. It also features co-op, so you can have two nobodies running around shapeshifting to solve puzzles and combat scenarios.

January has just begun and it's already been a big month for Game Pass announcements. First Microsoft announced that the first half of the month will include such heavy hitters as Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Spelunky 2, and Ubisoft announced that Rainbow Six Extraction will be coming day-one to Game Pass as well. These new additions will come alongside a handful of games cycling out as well.

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